Mironova, I., G. Kovaltsov, A. Mishev, and, A. Artamonov, Ionization in the Earth’s Atmosphere Due to Isotropic Energetic Electron Precipitation: Ion Production and Primary Electron Spectra. Remote Sens. 13, 4161, 2021. doi:10.3390/rs13204161


Energetic electron precipitation (EEP) via atmospheric ion production rates is a natural force acting on the atmosphere and climate systems. The correct estimation of EEP ion production and spectra for the computation of ionization rates is an important issue for estimating climate forces. In the present paper, we propose a favorable method for the computation of ionization rates forced by EEP using the new parameterization of ion production and a new spectrum shape, which allow one to take into account the range of precipitating particles from tens of keV to several MeV.

A new function of spectral fit will also be helpful in obtaining information about EEP from satellite and balloon observations. Presented here, the parameterization of atmospheric ionization in the Earth’s atmosphere includes a new yield function of isotropically precipitating monoenergetic electrons and ionization via Bremsstrahlung radiation. Look-up tables with ion production/yield function for isotropically precipitating monoenergetic electrons (30 keV–5 MeV) can be easily used for the computation of ionization rates and can further be used by atmospheric and chemistry-climate models for accurate quantification of atmospheric parameters during energetic electron precipitation.