Bordovskaya, Yu., Ya. Virolainen, Yu. Timofeyev, Comparison of  ground-based and satellite methods for determining vertical ozone profiles, Современные проблемы дистанционного зондирования Земли из космоса,19, 2, 225–231, 2022.   

DOI: 10.21046/2070-7401-2022-19-2-225-231

Ozone in the Earth’s atmosphere is one of the most important gases due to absorption of solar UV radiation, the formation of the temperature regime of the stratosphere, the effect on the radiation bal[1]ance and climate of the planet and its toxic role in the troposphere. A global content monitoring system has now been established. The system uses local and remote measurements, to provide regular information on a regional and global scale. The results of various measurements of ozone content make it possible to form joint databases of different spatial and temporal resolutions measurements, which are used in the creation, validation, and improvement of various numerical models of the atmosphere and their use in the study of changes in the ozonosphere and climate of the planet. But the creation of such databases requires preliminary validation and mutual calibration of various methods and devices. In this paper, a comparison of measurements of ozone profiles using the ground-based IR spectroscopic method in Saint Petersburg and the satellite method (MLS device) for the time period 2018– 2020 is carried out.