V. A. Sergeev
Laboratory employee

V. A. Sergeev, Professor of the Department of Physics of the Earth, St. Petersburg State University. He actively works in the field of research on the dynamics of space plasma in the magnetosphere and ionosphere of the Earth and the corresponding sections of space weather, mainly engaged in the analysis of satellite and ground measurements.
He is an expert in the field of magnetospheric substorms and remote sensing of magnetospheric processes and has recently been working on the problems of generation mechanisms and models of precipitation of energetic electrons into the auroral ionosphere, which can cause chemical changes in the lower ionosphere, potentially affecting the ozone layer.
V. Sergeev is a participant in international satellite projects, the author of more than 250 publications in journals with a high influence factor and his Hirsch index is 52.
He was awarded the Julius Bartels medal of the European Geophysical Union.