E.V. Rozanov
Scientific adviser

E.V. Rozanov is one of the world leaders in modeling the chemistry of the atmosphere, ozone layer and climate. In the late 1990s, he was one of the developers of the first climate model with interactive chemistry. The model has been applied to demonstrate the climate response to solar variability, volcanic eruptions, and energetic particle precipitations.

Since 2001, E. Rozanov has been working with a new and more complex chemical-climatic model designed to study solar, volcanic, and anthropogenic impact on climate. E. Rozanov contributed to the IPCC report which won Nobel Peace Prize in 2007.

He participated in the preparation of WMO reports on ozone depletion. He was a member of ICMA, the Swiss committee SCOSTEP, co-chair of the SCOSTEP PRESTO project, leader of the working groups of two European COST events, member of the editorial board of the journals Izvestiya RAS "Physics of the atmosphere and ocean" and MDPI "Atmosphere".

E. Rozanov is the author of more than 250 publications in journals with a high impact factor and his citation index (Hirsch index) is 50. Despite many other interests and activities, the main topic of E. Rozanov's future is forecasting the state of the ozone layer and its relationship with space weather.