E.I. Gordeev
Laboratory employee

E.I. Gordeev is a senior researcher at the Department of Physics of the Earth, St. Petersburg State University. Evgeniy specializes in studying the processes of global and medium-scale dynamics of the magnetospheric system, using modeling and observational data. Currently he is managing two grants - the Russian Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The most recent studies concern the structure and dynamics of the current sheet of the tail during the development of a substorm, the mechanisms of formation and properties of omega structures in auroras, and the estimation of the magnitude of the energy flux from the solar wind into the magnetosphere. Evgeniy is a co-author of the AIM-E numerical model of the ionosphere, developed to study and monitor the most variable auroral region of the ionosphere.

He has extensive experience in using global magnetohydrodynamic models of the magnetosphere, which will be used to solve the problems of the new laboratory.