A. V. Polyakov
Laboratory employee

A. V. Polyakov, Professor at the Faculty of Physics, St. Petersburg State University. One of the leading specialists in Russia in the field of mathematics and physics of inverse problems of atmospheric optics. In more detail, he was engaged in the study of radiation transfer in the atmosphere, the development of methods and algorithms for solving incorrect inverse problems, the analysis of the information content of remote sensing, the validation and calibration of spectroscopic measurements of the atmospheric gas composition.
With his leading participation, leadership and personally he developed software for solving inverse problems of determining vertical ozone profiles in the Ozon-M and Ozon-MIR experiments from the MIR station, alternative processing of the spectra of the SAGE-III instrument in the SAGE-III-Meteor to obtain data on the gas-aerosol composition of the atmosphere. With his leading participation and under his leadership, software systems for secondary processing of spectral satellite measurements of outgoing radiation were developed based on the results of measurements of the Russian satellite Meteor-M2 to obtain data on meteorological parameters. With his leading participation, a method for determining the ozone content in the atmosphere from the IR spectra measured by the IRFS-2 device from the Meteor M N2 satellite, has been developed.
Currently Polyakov A.V. is engaged in the development and improvement of methods for measuring the total content of trace gases (TG) of the atmosphere based on ground-based measurements of solar radiation of high spectral resolution, analysis of the spatial and temporal distribution of TG, including their trends and seasonal variability, the development of methods for determining the TG based on the spectra of the outgoing radiation measured by the Russian instrument IRFS-2.
Polyakov has published over 200 articles in leading Russian and foreign journals, including more than 100 included in the Web of Science and Scopus databases. Hirsch index 10